Start the Conversation.


For anyone involved in the theatre, you know we don’t do this for the money or the prestige. We do it because we have something to say. Something that needs to be shared with others. This is why we start the conversation…



The Process.


Great art does not come out of the mind of one person, it comes from the collection of many voices. In order to be the best, you must surround yourself with the best. Ego must be checked at the door, if it at all inhibits the story.


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Working with designers

It takes a village to put on a show. This is only done when a director can make way for a designer to do their best work. From there, ideas are generated, refined, and brought to fruition. This is the start of true collaboration, each person working together ensuring the best story is told. This moment is where idea becomes art.



Working with Actors

Authentic use of self is what any true actor strives for. It is in these moments that something moves from good to great. I have found the rehearsal process to be one of the most challenging, yet one of the most fulfilling and rewarding. It is here where individual work can be honed, shaped, and combined with others, in order to tell one story.

The Product.


When opening night finally arrives, the show has grown, evolved, and become what is the result of many voices becoming one. It is nothing anyone could ever have imagined…it is far better!